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What is psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy involves regularly speaking with a trained psychologist / psychotherapist, ranging from a few conversations up to several years. At the start of treatment you agree on what times you should get together - usually once a week - but sometimes two or three times a week in acute crisis. You agree on the fee and try to, if possible, determine how long the contact will last.

Psychotherapy can be seen as a cooperation between two people, client and psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy can be conducted individually, with couples, or in a group. In family therapy, it can sometimes be useful to bring your child(s).

A psychotherapist is bound by confidentiality.

Why should one go in psychotherapy?

You might think you are living and/or working in an unsustainable social situation. Or you might find your past is catching up with you and you will find that you have to deal with certain circumstances in your life. Signs of this can be sadness, indecision, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, or you find yourself suffering from strange physical reactions such as headaches, tension in the body, or pain.

If a doctor - in the latter cases - has found that you are not affected by any purely physical ailment, you can try to look for reasons in your present life situation.



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